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Automatic Followers increasing software that doesn’t require your own operation, let the IG marketing robot help you grow more fans!

Quickly become an Instagram sensation!✅

Increase 1000 to 10000 IG followers within one month!✅
100% location-targeted real users!✅
Can add up to 10,000 users a day!✅

Suitable for:️

  • Internet celebrities to increase exposure
  • Users who want to increase more fans and popularity
  • Businesses that operate on Instagram
  • Users who want to get more potential customers to purchase products
  • Businesses that want to increase sales performance



  • Automatically follow users✅ (Through location targeting, hashtags, and competitors’ accounts)
  • Automatic unfollow✅ (Unfollow users who don’t follow you)
  • Automatic fan attraction✅ (Through precise targeting, use robots to attract fans from competitors’ accounts)
  • Automatic likes✅ (Help you like other users’ posts, let others see and give likes, and follow back)
  • Automatic viewing of IG Story✅ (Improve visibility and exposure)
  • Automatic comments✅ (The system automatically comments on other users’ posts)
  • Exclusive Super Likes System✅
    A. The system automatically likes the most recent photos of other users✅
    B. Can specify how many photos to like✅(Make Instagram get more followers and be more effective than just liking one photo!)
  • Automatic acceptance of requests✅ (Can automatically accept all pending follower requests at once!)
  • Monitoring✅ (Search hashtags or location targeting and automatically like new pictures or immediately follow users. This ensures that you only target active users!)
  • Automatic location targeting✅ (Automatically target photos taken in a specific location or follow users who post from a particular location.)

One-time purchasefor lifetime use!
Can support multiple accounts to be connected and used simultaneously!

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